My First CrossFit Open

I just finished my first CrossFit Open! I almost wasn’t going to do it, because I could still do the workouts and not shell out $20 for registration, but someone at the gym mentioned that a good reason to do it early on, even if you weren’t quite sure if you were ready, was to at least have a score on the board to compare yourself to next year, which I thought was really good advice. It seemed likely that I would regret not having a benchmark to compare myself to a year down the road.

Now that it’s over, I can say that it was totally worth it, both in the sense of just doing the workouts and also being able to track yourself on a worldwide leaderboard. My gym does a “Friday Night Lights”-style workout on Friday evenings, which was a blast; I entered an RX score for every workout; and I’m really pleased with my overall performance! I was getting a lot of the RX movements a week or two before each workout, or in the case of HSPU, during the workout, and then managed to get 10 more! It was just a great experience all together, the workouts themselves, the camaraderie, and watching other people get firsts, personal bests, and otherwise exceed what they thought they were capable of. Which to me seems to be one of the defining traits of CrossFit – doing more than you ever thought you could!

I considered re-testing a few workouts (18.2 in particular, for a heavier clean), because I knew I could do better, but once I got a score in for each workout, I figured my time this year is better spent working on developing the skills and engine I need to do better in the 2019 Open. Next year is the year I’ll be more committed to making sure I bring my best possible performance to each workout.

I’ve got a year to improve, so my work is cut out for me:

  • Get handstand walks
  • Get bar muscle-ups
  • Get ring muscle-ups
  • Improve all other technical skills (HSPU, C2B, T2B, dubs, etc.)

But for now, I’m happy with my 2018 Open results, and looking forward to the 2019 Open!

CrossFit Open Result
CF Open Worldwide Rank and Percentile
CrossFit Open Worldwide Rank
CrossFit Open Worldwide Rank
CrossFit Open Result
CrossFit Open Region Rank
CF Open Result
CrossFit Open Gym Rank

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