My Third CrossFit Open

This is way overdue, but I wanted to write it up anyways as a piece of my own CrossFit journey and progression.

Going into my third CrossFit Open (and the second CrossFit Open of 2019, for the 2020 CrossFit Games) I was a little unsure of what to expect because of the shortened timeline between Open events, but I still felt a sense of significant progress as an athlete. By the end of the fifth week, I was super happy to have maintained a 90th percentile ranking, despite a smaller and ostensibly more competitive and dedicated pool of athletes willing to do a second set of Open workouts in one year.

One of my biggest takeaways from this year was learning to pace better, but also that my engine work was beginning to pay off, even if engine was and still is my biggest weakness. For both 20.1 and 20.2, I re-tested after an initial attempt going “by feel” for pacing and for my re-test for each, I laid out timebreaks to help me try to hit and maintain a pace. This resulted in significant improvements for both workouts and taught me that it’s okay for things to feel easier at the beginning of the workout, if it allows you to finish strong in the second half. A basic lesson of CrossFit, but not one I felt I had really had a true sense of until this Open.

Other than that, 20.3 and 20.4 gave me gym-best scores and I tied for women’s first place in our gym. I try not to dwell on inter-gym rankings too much, but it definitely marked progress for me. We have some incredibly fit and strong and talented athletes that I look up to, and to think of myself as being more of a peer to them is a significant mind-shift, even with the knowledge that the workouts favored me more than some of the more common “girl” WODs.

In terms of goals for the next Open — I’d love to bump up closer to 95th percentile, and I think that’s going to take a serious commitment to everything outside of the gym — mindset and strategy going into workouts to get my best performance on my first try, not on a re-test; nutrition and measuring macros; getting enough sleep; doing mobility and body work — things that should probably have been more foundational for me than “how to eek out more performance,” but we all have limited time! In technical/skill terms, improving my engine continues to be high on my list, as well as improving my muscle ups, particularly ring muscle ups.

2020 CrossFit Open Worldwide Rank, Percentile, and Event Scores
2020 CrossFit Open Worldwide Rank, Percentile, and Event Scores

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